Comcast Email Users

Update 1/6/2019: This has been resolved!

Over the past few weeks we have recieved some reports that email addresses have not had their Daily Snow and snow alerts delivered.

We are currently getting in contact with Comcast to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Below is a note that we received from another user:

“”Today I contacted Comcast about the recent lack of delivery of the Daily Snow to my inbox. 

After talking with a few people, I finally found out that the Daily Snow had been placed on Comcast’s spam list and thus automatically was not sent to my inbox or even to my junk mail box. It’s not clear why Comcast chose to start classifying the Daily Snow as spam except that maybe their system thought a daily e-mail must be from a spammer. 

I have resolved the situation by turning-off the spam-filtering option on my account.

But when I asked for a more satisfactory solution, the Comcast rep checked with their IT people and informed me there is no way for Comcast or me to take the Daily Snow off my spam list. 

I expressed a complaint and asked them to notify me when they have figured out how to remove a sender from a spam list.”